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Give your bathroom the love it needs with a new bath tile installation! C. Whitaker Marble is an all-around stone fabricator that creates unique, personalized pieces for projects such as a bathroom tile installation near me. What sets our shower tile installers apart from the rest is our unrivaled commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, we’ll utilize our five decades’ worth of resources to ensure we create the perfect flooring style and design for your home! Ready to get started? Then book your free consultation today in or near Monroe County, IL at (314) 423-0900.

Our bathroom tile installation services are available to clients from the following areas:

  • Chesterfield, IL
  • Chesterfield County, IL
  • Jefferson County, MO
  • Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Madison, IL
  • Monroe County, IL
  • O’Fallon, MO
  • St. Charles, MO
  • St. Clair, IL
  • St. Louis City, MO
  • St. Louis County, MO
  • St. Peters, MO
  • Wildwood, IL
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Shower Tile Installers

Do you really need to hire professional shower tile installers or can you do the bathroom tile installation yourself? Here are some things to consider:

  • Experience: Most homeowners only know simple DIY tile installation techniques. Meanwhile, shower tile installers have years’ worth of experience that allows them to provide top-notch, effective solutions.
  • Total Cost: Considering all the tools you’ll need for a bathroom tile installation, the total cost wouldn’t be too far from what the pros charge. And on top of paying for all the equipment, you’ll also have to do the work yourself. So it’s not really a practical choice if you’re not used to DIY projects.
  • Professional Advice: Shower tile installers can guide you in creating the perfect flooring design for your bathroom. They should provide a design that matches your needs, interior design, and of course, budget plan.

Ready to get a professional bathroom tile installation? Then get in touch with C. Whitaker Marble today! For bookings in or near Monroe County, IL, call (314) 423-0900.

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Bathroom Tile Installation Near Me

To ensure you get the best bathroom tile installation near me, only work with contractors who are:

  • Reliable: Nothing gets under the skin like unreliable teams who are always so hard to get in touch with. In fact, even if they had the skills to back up their services, it would all be in vain if they didn’t know how to communicate properly with their clients.
  • Creative: There are hundreds of possible styles and patterns when getting a bathroom installation near me. This freedom might be liberating, but it can also be quite intimidating especially for first-timers. That’s why you need professionals who can guide and help you find the right designs that would express your lifestyle and personality.
  • Honest: Don’t waste your time with disreputable brands that charge unfairly high rates for shoddy craftsmanship. One way to gauge a team’s honesty is to ask for sample estimates. If they refuse to break down their rates, then take it as a red flag to look for other brands.

Need a reliable, creative, and honest brand that does bathroom tile installation near me? Then reach out to C. Whitaker Marble! We are professional stone fabricators who can create and install whatever tile design you have in mind. So just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen! Dial (314) 423-0900 to get started.

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Bath Tile Installation

Some signs you need a new bath tile installation are:

  • Old Age: The average life span of ceramic tiles is around 40 to 50 years. So if yours has been around for an even longer time, you should definitely get a new bathroom tile installation.
  • Damaged Tiles: Tile damage isn’t just unsightly, but also very hazardous. In fact, your flooring needs to be in tip-top condition to prevent any possible accidents. Just imagine how scary it’d be if you slipped and fell on your head while taking a bath, right? So make sure you replace your old, damaged tiles with new ones right away.
  • Outdated Design: Have you been using the same outdated design as your parents did generations ago? Then it’s definitely time for an upgrade! Work with a bath tile installation expert so they can help create the perfect flooring design for you and your family.

Call C. Whitaker Marble at (314) 423-0900 right away if you notice any of the warning signs we mentioned above. We do bathroom tile installation in and around Monroe County, IL.

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  • George Dimitrios Karagiannis Avatar
    George Dimitrios Karagiannis
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    Excellent customer service! Beyond personal and very experienced.

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    Matt Lupo
    12/20/2018 - Google

    Great guys great company

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    Steve Sommers
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    These guys are quick and affordable

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    BA Wilson
    9/20/2018 - Google

    Mr Whitaker is a very knowledgeable and experienced stone fabricator.

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    Sharon Owen
    9/20/2012 - Google

    I really love the folks at C Whitaker Marble. Allen, Adam, and Gina are all very nice. It... read more

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