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Upgrade your cooking space today with a kitchen backsplash installation! C. Whitaker Marble is a full-service stone fabrication company that does backsplash installation near me. Since we manufacture our own tiles, you can expect them to be of the highest quality. So no cracking, staining, or crumbling any time soon! Also, you’ll get to work with our professional kitchen backsplash designer to find the right style that would look best with your interior. Ready to get started? Then call (314) 423-0900 now to schedule an appointment in or near St Louis County, MO.

We do kitchen backsplash installation in the following areas:

  • Chesterfield, IL
  • Chesterfield County, IL
  • Jefferson County, MO
  • Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Madison, IL
  • Monroe County, IL
  • O’Fallon, MO
  • St. Charles, MO
  • St. Clair, IL
  • St. Louis City, MO
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Kitchen Backsplash Designer

So should you hire a kitchen backsplash designer or install the tiles yourself? A few things you need to consider are:

  • Experience: Contractors have years’ worth of training and experience to back up their services. This is what allows them to provide practical, functional, and cost-effective solutions.
  • Designing: Function is great, but you should never forget about aesthetics. Luckily, a kitchen backsplash designer has the professional background to help you create the right styles and patterns that would complement your interior.
  • Customization: Stone fabricators can create personalized tiles for your backsplash. So feel free to have them customize it based on your specific needs and demands.

Meet with an expert kitchen backsplash designer today! C. Whitaker Marble is a stone fabrication company that has been creating backsplashes for more than 50 years now! Call (314) 423-0900 to learn more about us and what we can do for you.

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Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Some benefits of getting a kitchen backsplash installation are:

  • Less Odor: Never avoid strong-smelling foods again! Unlike printed walls and wallpaper, tiles do not absorb odor. So no matter what you cook, the smell won’t stick. Pair this with proper ventilation and you’ll have a 100% odor-free cooking space!
  • Easy Cleanups: Still can’t get rid of those sauce marks on your kitchen walls? Well, with a kitchen backsplash, you won’t have to deal with hard-to-remove stains anymore. In fact, no matter what splashes on your tiles, all it would take is some soap and water to get rid of the stain.
  • Better Aesthetic: Add a bit of flair to your plain, boring kitchen walls with a new backsplash! Have your fabricators create a unique, personalized design that perfectly matches your interior and you’re good to go.

Want to learn more about the benefits of getting a kitchen backsplash? Then reach out to C. Whitaker Marble today! We offer free consultations to homeowners in and around St Louis County, MO. To schedule for one, drop us a line at (314) 423-0900.

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Backsplash Installation Near Me

Need a custom-made kitchen backsplash installation near me? If you want top-notch results, then only work with stone fabricators that are:

  • Versatile: The number one thing you should look for from your stone fabricators is versatility. In fact, they need to be able to sculpt tiles and stone pieces that best suit your needs. So ditch the ones that lack creativity and force their clients to settle for generic styles and patterns.
  • Experienced: An veteran contractor is more likely to produce excellent solutions that an inexperienced one. So as a general rule, find pros who’ve been doing kitchen backsplash installation near me for at least a few years now. Remember, inexperience leaves one prone to mistakes.
  • Approachable: The success of this project heavily depends on your contractor’s ability to understand your needs and demands. If you find it hard to share your comments and suggestions with them, then they might not be able to produce the designs you really want. Also, it’d be a real hassle to get stuck with rude, snobbish contractors.

For skilled, helpful experts who’ve been doing kitchen backsplash installation near me for more than five decades now, look no further than C. Whitaker Marble! Book an appointment in or near St Louis County, MO at (314) 423-0900.

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