Choose Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

Combine beauty and durability

Do you love the look of stone, but need more durability from your counters? Quartz may be the right material for you. This manufactured product is versatile and affordable. C. Whitaker Marble, Inc. offers a range of quartz countertops for installation in the St. Louis, MO area.

Since quartz is an engineered material, it comes in a wide range of colors. You won't experience any trouble finding a color that complements your design preferences.

Choose quartz for your home because:

  • Its durability prevents wear and tear
  • It's non-porous and can't harbor bacteria
  • It can handle liquid spills such as wine, coffee, or juice

Quartz is a great product if you have a lot of traffic in your kitchen or bathroom. Sit down with the experts at C. Whitaker Marble, Inc. to discuss your quartz countertop installation now.